Counter-Strike: Source maps

There are quite a few maps which have gathered over the years as I toyed around with the Source engine. Although most of them are not finished till the last detail, there are quite a few I am rather happy with.

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The first, largest and most detailed map that I created for Counter-Strike Source. It displays a relatively true image of the house in the "Schäfergasse 1" in "Bad Wildungen", where I lived for a long time. Although having lots of edges and obviously being my first map, I'm quite satisfied. It may be noted that this map is not meant to be played at all. It is not finished either: it has no skybox, many rooms are not furnished and it lacks detail overall. Albeit overall rather empty, it is my favorite among my maps.


I created this one after I came upon a map in the internet which was absolutely garbage. The map was basically a few blocks... which indeed is ok. But there was no block on any grid, they all overlapped, there was no lighting at all etc. Overall not even acceptable as a draft. I took the layout of this garbage map as inspiration to create this map - just to show how it's done. Even if the lighting is perhaps a little too bright, you can play well.


Allah / Dusty

A small map in style of Dust. A map that I have played quite often with friends.



In this map, I realized my former room on a large scale. With tunnels in the walls you can very well get from A to B without passing the free areas. The icing on the top would have been content for shelving, cabinets and tables, but I left it with the empty furniture.


A small "fight yard" map. The layout it is very similar to the "pool" maps. However, I have implemented it as a comic version. As a bonus you can heal on the bottom of the pool (thus naming the map), but this is not very beneficial towards gameplay.



A map on which you can see almost everything and everyone… again in comic style.



This map had its origin in an adolescent joke (the map strings together the letters P, e, n, i and s). After working on it for some time and taking it more seriously, I gave it the name which it has now.



With the Koef maps I had created textures and devised a color concept in this snow and ice world. Ultimately I did not continue working after creating only a few gimmicks to the map.

Hydrolysis, Cliffs, Again

These are maps in which I had an idea, began to build them, but ultimately did not continue working on them.

Installing the maps: