LaTeX templates HTW Dresden

Since there are no LaTeX templates available at the HTW Dresden, I implemented the corporate design of the university into my own LaTeX template in my first semester there. The guidlines of the HTW-CD lack a lot of detail (it mentions only the font, a few colors and the logo) and regards mostly letters but no scientific documents. Thus I used the package tudscr which implements the corporate design of the TU Dresden as a reference while creating this LaTeX template. The created template was mostly used to typset my notes.


The template I created was designed to be used in different scientific documents from the start – similar to the package tudscr. Therefore I didn't need to expand a lot of effort to apply the notes by the faculty regarding the layout.

Template bachelor thesis

This template does not only consist of the pure layout but provides a rough structure according to the guidelines as well. Additional examples regarding figures, glossary etc. show how to use LaTeX properly. You may find some additional (german) notes in the comments of the LaTeX source code.


In contrast to the thesis template, the implementation of the given poster template from PowerPoint to LaTeX had to be made from scratch. Using the package beamerposter and the previously adopted knowledge regarding the beamer package the endeavour could be realised quite well. In the LaTeX source code you may find (german) notes regarding the usage of the template similar to the thesis template.

Template poster bachelor thesis


The templates may be downloaded here: